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Amazing Portable Grills for Your Next RV Roadtrip

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Great grills are getting smaller, cheaper, and more efficient every year. You don't need charcoal or even an electric hookup anymore if you go with the GoSun solar grill. Check out our list below of the best portable grills that we think you should consider purchasing for your RV.

GoSun Solar Grills | Buy Here

This is one of our favorite grills and its uniqueness has earned it a spot at the top of our list. This grill is powered 100% by the sun. The GoSun utilizes a vacuum tube that is mounted in the center of the polished metal surface which directs the sunlight. 20-40 minutes is enough to finish a kabaab of steak and veggies.

solar grill

Brazilian BBQ Briefcase | Buy Here

briefcase bbq grill

Toolbox Grill | Buy Here

toolbox grill Copy

Napoleon Grills | Buy Here

napoleon grill small b


Grilletto by Son of Hibachi | Buy Here

grilleto portable charcoal grill


nomadIQ | Buy Here

nomad iq grill

Carhartt Charcoal Grill | Buy Here

carhartt bbq

Outback Compact U Gas Barbecue | Buy Here

outback bbq portable grill

RS Barcelona Mon Oncle Portable Grill V2 | Buy Here



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