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Top 12 Reasons To Own an RV Site

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Are you on the fence about owning your own RV site? Here are our top 12 reasons you should own your RV site instead of renting:

  1. Never hassle with reservations for your winter home again. The number of available quality sites diminishes each year. Some are swallowed up by developers to build something else, others are converted to ownership resorts and not as many available there to rent. In 2005 alone 20 campgrounds were sold to developers.
  2. Not exposed to constant increases in rent. Rental parks are "taught" by their associations to raise the rent every year until they get resistance.
  3. No more "competing" for the best sites available, you'll already own yours. Record numbers of baby boomers are buying quality RVs looking for a quality resort to live in for the winter.
  4. Once you're an owner you'll have input into the way the resort is run.
  5. Your friends will be there when you are. You'll make many great new friends that you'll be excited to see every year. You may even find yourself traveling with them in the summer or going to visit them at their summer home.
  6. Owning an RV site in an RV resort is one of the most economical ways to enjoy the true resort lifestyle.
  7. Owning your own site can provide you with free storage.
  8. Owning a site could put you in a position to realize a gain in property value. While we can't promise that, all you have to do is look at what other resorts sold for when they were new and what they sell for now. The earlier you buy in a new resort the better chance you have for appreciation.
  9. You may decide that you want to rent your site when you aren't using it. This could be helpful for you buyers that aren't retired yet and can't use the lot as much as you will after retirement. Rent income can help offset the costs of "carrying" the lot.
  10. The resort developer's highest priority will be to please today's discerning RVer so that his owners become their best sales people.
  11. You'll already have all your favorite restaurants, shopping, beaches and golf courses mapped out.
  12. And best of all it's an investment in the quality of your retirement years. It will be a "special place", because it's yours. IT'S HOME.
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