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Keep Your RV Insect Free

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If you find yourself dealing with bugs and insects inside of your RV, you’re not going to be a happy camper. Those middle of the night buzzing sounds of mosquitos or bugs annoying you during the drive can drive you crazy.

Here at Cypress Trail we made a list of the best ways to keep insects out of your motorized sanctuary.

Tapes to fix RV

Sealants and Tapes:

Check for any open space in contact with the outside. Any vent, window or the smallest gap can cause you troubles. Think about how bugs could enter your specific vehicle and, if you find any possible spot, try to seal it.

The best way would be a sealant from a trusted brand. If you don’t have time to find a suitable sealant, the second best option would be to use any kind of robust tape.

Once this first step is completed you can consider some additional precautions to keep your RV safe from mosquitoes, spiders ants, and any other unwanted guest.

RV Portable Diffuser

Portable Diffuser:

These may be used inside and outside the vehicle. They can be an electronic device or a fire lamp. You can choose from different scents depending on the brand you prefer but all are safe and contain natural ingredients. Also, depending on your selection, you may get the side benefit of the scent creating a beautiful warm atmosphere inside your RV.

RV Insect Spray


If you don’t want to use electrical devices or just don’t want to spend time setting them up throughout the RV, a spray is a good option. Just don’t depend too much on sprays, as insects will be deterred from biting you; but they’ll still be inside your RV waiting for you to take a shower.


Granular Repellent:

This may be the best option to be used near your RV and in the outside areas. It’s an effective repellent usually used for the outdoors. Most of these products are natural, biodegradable and very safe. The main ingredients are just scented oils such as lemon grass oil and mint oil. But check to make sure they are safe for pets.


The main ingredient in this wristband is called Geraniol and it has been proven effective repelling a variety of insects. We did not have the pleasure to test it so we cannot suggest it with confidence. We would consider it together with some other repellent such as the diffuser or the granular repellent, just to cover your bases.

We hope you found these tips helpful for your next trip. Check our blog posts for more tips and suggestions on how to enjoy better your RV lifestyle!

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