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Do you need to change your set of tires?

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If you’ve owned your RV for more than five years, you may need to start thinking about changing your set of tires. They may be looking perfectly fine from an external view but they may be damaged inside. If this is the case, this would cause major damages to your RV and be costing you a lot of money.

They may look perfectly fine from an external point of view, but they may be damaged inside. If this is the case, this could cause major damages to your RV and potentially put your and your family at risk. This oversight can cost you your health and your money.

So how do you select your new set of tires?

When selecting your new or slightly used set of tires, you should start thinking about what you expect in terms of long-term performance: Are you looking for a set that lasts longer? Are you looking for a set of tires made for really heavy loads? Quiet rides?

The answer to these questions come from some of the markings on the sidewall of the tire. That series of letters and numbers is called the "Uniform Tire Quality Grading" (UTQG) and measures the tire's treadwear, traction, and temperature.

So what do these letters and numbers tell you about the tire?


The first number in the sequence measures the treadwear and it allows you to understand how long your set of tires will last. A greater number will mean a longer lifespan of the tires.


The traction capability is ranked by the two letters following the first numbers and it gives you an idea of how good are your tires to stop on a wet road.  If your tire has the best traction will be rated AA. Instead, a not performing tire will be rated C.


The final letter gives you the rating of the temperature and indicated the ability of your tire to dissipate the heat. The rating goes from A to C with A that stands for better heat dispersion when at high speed (Over 115 miles per hour).

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