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Top 3 tips to RV with your pet

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If your pet is part of your family and you want to make sure your RV has everything your little friend may need, you may find our top 3 tips useful.

Keep Fido cool

If your RV is not a newer late-model, you may have a ventilation and excess heating problem. In order to properly ventilate the RV, you may have to think about adding a powerful exhaust vent fan to make sure your pet will not suffer too much from the heat.

Also, to make sure the temperature is always safe, you should consider a vent fan with a built in thermostat so that you don’t have to stress out if you forget to turn on the fan manually.

Bring a pet first aid kit with you

Everyone who lives with a pet knows the importance of having a pet first aid kit. For who of you who isn’t sure about how to create a pet kit we have you covered.

The first thing to do is to purchase a first aid kit for humans and add the following specific items from a pet store:

  • Self Cling bandages
  • Strips to prevent biting
  • Pet specific medications
  • Eye and Ear Cleaners

We also suggest talking with your vet before leaving for every trip so that he can suggest what to bring with you depending on the location.

Keep the odor away

Unfortunately, our best friends can "smell like a dog" and this may cause a problem if you're all living together in the same motor home for more than few days. One piece of advice is have only a small amount of fabric inside the RV. You can replace the pieces you can with leather or vinyl. This will help a lot since these materials don't allow scents to penetrate and stay in the material. If you really don’t want to change your RV, there are many portable steam cleaners that you can bring with you every time you go out for a trip.

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