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You've planned your trip and vacation spots but not sure if you forgot something? Is your head full of questions like "Am I missing anything in my RV before I hit the road?”


Well, at Cypress Trail RV Resort we’ve got you covered. We have created a list of the top 3 must-haves for you RV:


RV Internet Connection


Wifi Rv Device


Let's admit it. These days we can’t go anywhere without being "online". It's a real addiction. Just thinking of missing your favorite Netflix show or checking your Facebook status makes you anxious. So before leaving, consider a WIFI option so that you can enjoy your tablet, phone and PC while traveling.


Here are three ways to have a solid internet connection while on the road with your RV:


Private WIFI Networks

Before leaving make sure to select a luxury RV resort so that you can find a hard wired connection and wifi in the public areas. This would solve the problem without spending unnecessary money on other carrier plans or devices.


Satellite Connections

This is a good option if you are willing to spend some cash on a permanent solution that travels everywhere you go. It does add some heavy equipment to your RV and comes with a monthly subscription cost.. It’s not an easy choice. Also, internet speed will vary depending on wind, rain, and mountainous terrain.


Wireless Providers

This may be an option for travelers that find themselves without the time to look for the right location or to find another solution. Just using your mobile phone, you can use its internet connection and it’s the phone’s data plan that works as a wireless tower. The quality of connection will rely on the quality of network and coverage of your preferred operator company. But clearly it will be slower than a more permanent solution mentioned above.





For all of you that don’t like to rely on maps anymore when traveling long distances, GPS is something you need to consider. Even if you could easily use your smartphone, having an RV GPS device mounted to your command center would enhance your driving experience and make it safer for sure. That’s because these GPSs are built just for RVs and pre-select the best route for your RV considering your vehicle size and weight restrictions.


In our opinion, the top three 2017 RV GPSs are the Garmin RV 660LMT, Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM, and the Garmin RV 760LMT. These range from $290 to over $500.


RV Solar Power Solution


This last solution offers the freedom to use every electronically device in your RV just with the power of the sun! Just imagine increasing the autonomy of your RV for long journeys.


If you think that the cost would be too high, think again. Considering the many options in the market and the benefits, you should view this as an investment that will pay for itself over time. This is especially true if you’re used to taking many trips a year.


We hope you found our choices useful. Leave a comment with your top 3 Must-haves for your RV!

Wednesday, 08 November 2017 14:57

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Spring training has arrived for all baseball fans. According to a recent Gallup Poll, nearly half of all Americans love this pastime with a passion. Luckily if you are vacationing at Cypress Trail RV Resort in Fort Myers, FL you are going to be near a few exceptional training facilities and stadiums for Major League baseball. You can also plan a special trip to Cypress Trail because it’s the perfect place to stay with access to all the action. Get tickets now to some pre-season games to satisfy your baseball fever before the regular season begins in April. The two training facilities that are closest to Cypress Trail in Fort Myers are for the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox. Both of these American League teams have passionate fan bases, therefore these are spring training games you won’t want to miss. Get out there to enjoy the sun, fun, and friendly confines of these two modern baseball facilities, which are just a short drive away from Cypress Trail.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017 16:27

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